EventMessage Interoperability


First post. My team has been working with axon for a while now. We recently distributed our event bus and have that configured and working. We are moving into a new phase of development where we need to process EventMessages from both axon & non axon environments. I was naive at first and thought the serializers that can be provided to a terminal would do the trick but I quickly found out that those end up as binary representations of EventMessage. Looked through the code and it is obvious that I will need to implement a custom AMQPMessageConverter.

Was hoping someone in the group would have written such an implementation for JSON formatted EventMessage instances using Jackson and furthermore willing to share their solution. Worst case scenario is I’ll craft one myself and put it up on github.

Thanks in advance

Here’s a simple solution that I got working quickly if anyone needs some inspiration solving this issue.


Hi Sean,

thanks for sharing that!
Unfortunately, AMQP doesn’t include the separation (custom) headers and body in their messages. Otherwise, it would have been possible to assign all meta data values as headers in the message.
I will see if I can get a generic AMQPMessageConverter implementation higher on the backlog.