Eventhandling in batches


How to handle batches if your event handler writes into a non relational database, like elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch support batching you calls, and gives much better performance. However the event handler process the events still 1 by 1 in code.

Is there a way to hook on the transaction manager to bundle the calls into a single call to elasticsearch per batch?

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Hi Koen,

first of all, you’ll need to make sure that the batch size for the Event Processor that is processing these events is not the default value of 1. A pragmatic value could be in the 10s to 100s, but probably not much more.

But as you said, Event Handlers are still invoked one-by-one, for each event individually. To make these methods “batch-aware”, you can use the UnitOfWork. Simply define it as a parameter on your @EventHandler annotated method to get it injected.

What you’ll need to do, is register a resource on the UnitOfWork that captures all the batched operations and make sure an action gets executed in the UnitOfWork's onPrepareCommit phase.

Here’s a snippet that shows how this can be done:

    public void on (MyEvent myEvent, UnitOfWork<?> unitOfWork) {
        List<Object> batch = getBatch(unitOfWork);
        batch.add(new SomethingToStoreInElastic());
    private  List<Object> getBatch(UnitOfWork<?> unitOfWork) {
        // there is no concurrency on a UnitOfWork. Therefore the getOrComputeResource 
        // can be used to add logic to be executed only once
        return unitOfWork.getOrComputeResource("someUniqueKey/" + this.toString(), k -> {
            List<Object> listOfBatchedOperations = new ArrayList<>();
            // if we're in this method, the list is created for the first time. We register a hook to commit our batch
            unitOfWork.onPrepareCommit(u -> {
                // TODO persist the batched operations
            return listOfBatchedOperations;

What the exact contents of the List look like, or whether a List is the best option, well, depends :wink: . You might want to use a data structure where it’s easier to recognize multiple updates for the same documents so that they can be merged into a single update.

Hope this helps.

Great, this is exactly what i need!