EventHandler not triggered after Event correctly dispatched by the Axon EventBus


I’m having a hard time figuring why some EventHandler is not triggered after an Event is correctly dispatched by the Axon EventBus.

Here is some relevant methods in my AxonConfiguration class :

public void configureEventBus(EventBus eventBus) {
	if (LOGGER.isDebugEnabled()) {
		eventBus.registerDispatchInterceptor(messages -> (integer, eventMessage) -> {
			LOGGER.info(">{}<", ColorizedLogs.brightViolet("Dispatching Event " + eventMessage.getPayloadType().getSimpleName()));
			return eventMessage;

private Function<org.axonframework.config.Configuration, ListenerInvocationErrorHandler> addErrorListener() {
	return configuration -> (ListenerInvocationErrorHandler) (exception, eventMessage, eventHandler) -> {
				.id(((PersistedEvent) eventMessage.getPayload()).id())
				.payload((PersistedEvent) eventMessage.getPayload()).build());

In a functionnal part of my application I have a method similar to this :

public void on(MyCustomEvent event) {

and another to catch technical errors :

public void on(ImmutableTechnicalError technicalErrorEvent) {
	LOGGER.error("Technical error event received : {}", technicalErrorEvent);

Now here is what happens :

  • store2.persit() throws an Exception
  • The exception is correctly catch by the ListenerInvocationErrorHandler.
  • The event ImmutableTechnicalError is correctly dispatched by the EventBus

=> But the EventHandler for the ImmutableTechnicalError event is never triggered.

Any ideas what could cause this behaviour ?