Event Store and Bus consistency

Hello everybody,

I have been playing with Axon for a couple of days and it looks it could be massively adopted by my team and solve all of our problems :slight_smile:

The setup we would like to achieve is made of many microservices, each taking care of a certain context. All those who process commands, will store business events to a central event store, while also publishing them via AMQP, so that other services can build their projections in real time.
I have yet to decide if Axon is viable, but it looks so, so far.

Anyhow this was just an introduction, being my first time here.

My first question for the mailing list is about the format for events travelling through AMQP.
Can that be made to be 100% json?


Hi Andrea,

welcome to The List :-). Glad to hear it looks like it could solve all your problems. If not all, Iā€™m sure it will solve at least a few.

You can customize how messages are sent through AMQP by providing a custom AMQPMessageConverter or, if you only want to ensure there is JSON in the payload of the message, a JSON based Serializer, such as the JacksonSerializer.