Event modeling tools

Hi all, after the conference last week I got inspired to try out some event modeling. For example in the presentation “Blueprinting your Axon app with Event Modeling” from Frank and Florian I saw some nice diagrams.

I did a quick search on the internet, but I wonder if you can recommend particular tools to create event models. Every input is welcome!


Hello @Rachid! Great to hear you’ve been inspired by them, event modeling is a great tool.
We often use Miro to do event modeling with clients. It’s very flexible and easy to set up, and even inexperienced people can use it quite effortlessly.

There are alternatives available, for example, ONote. In addition, I created a PlantUML-inspired tool on Github which might be interesting: Eventmodeler - by AxonIQ

Good luck on your event modeling journey!

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Thx for your quick reply. I briefly played with ONote, but I think I need to put some more effort in it to properly learn this tool.

I’m already a fan of plantUML and mermaid and I really like how low the bar is for Eventmodeler to just play around. Next week I’m definitely going to spend more time on this one. Is there another way to render the models than using that webpage? Would be nice if I can run the tool locally for example.

There’s currently no way for eventmodeler to render it in other formats. It was a proof of concept that needs to be expanded in the future. I’m pretty sure I will do that at some point, but I cannot make any promises. Any feedback for future development is therefore pretty valuable, so let me know!

There’s also going to be a new tool in town: https://www.ebdconnect.com/
It’s created by someone we know pretty well, and there’s going to be a closed beta in a few weeks. Feel free to contact him to try the tool out.

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Ok, I understand. In the mean time I found the related Github repo as well: GitHub - Morlack/eventmodeler: Poc implementation for event modeling tool (And I created an issue)
Nice to point out here in case someone want to build upon this tool :slight_smile:

For future development I think it would be nice is to have some sort of “commandline” option as a starting point. Then we can render/generate images locally. Also it makes it easier to use your favourite text editor and manage the model definitions in Git. This would also pave the way to integrate it in other tools perhaps.

Thnx for pointing out EBD Connect, let’s see what they’ll offer.

If you have a little more patience I will be releasing a brand new tool that combines both event storming concepts and event modeling.
The resulting models will be able to be exposed to template based code generation in any language.
Drop me an email address at arjan@ebdconnect.com to receive an invite to the closed beta starting in around two weeks time.

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Hello all, I was inspired by the Eventmodeler tool and expanded upon it by creating a PlantUML library: Event Modeling library for PlantUML

It is built for fast iteration during Event Modeling sessions, and because it uses PlantUML it should benefit from compatibility with many other systems. Maybe it is useful to you!

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Whoah @Marries, this is fantastic stuff! Can’t wait to try it out, it looks really useful. It even works in my obsidian setup

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