Event handler not getting called

Hi Team,

I am using Axon Framework 4.7.3 with SpringBoot 3.0

We are able to generate commands and then events through command handlers in Aggregate. The events are getting persisted on Axon Server. But the even handler methods are not getting triggered. We are getting below error in logs:

o.s.c.annotation.AnnotationTypeMapping : Support for convention-based annotation attribute overrides is deprecated and will be removed in Spring Framework 6.1. Please annotate the following attributes in @org.axonframework.modelling.command.AggregateIdentifier with appropriate @AliasFor declarations: [routingKey]

It’s a warning, and a false positive, not an error. Can you share the project? Or at least the event handler code and configuration?

I got the same error here. it’s caused by i change the eventPayload structure.

Hi Rio, it’s not an error. But it seems like something else is. Can you maybe open a new topic with some more information, like the attack trace you are getting?

Hi, I have got the same warning: here is my code :

public void handle(DebitAccountCommand command) {
log.info(“DebitAccountCommand handled”);
if (this.balance.compareTo(BigDecimal.ZERO) > 0 && this.balance.compareTo(command.getAmount()) < 0) {
throw new InsufficientBalanceException("Balance not sufficient => " + this.balance);
} else {
AggregateLifecycle.apply(new AccountDebitedEvent(

Everyone gets the warning, independent of the code. But it’s a false positive and nothing to worry about.