DomainEventEntry table performance improvement.

How to improve the performance of table DomainEventEntry.
As now the db has huge data and doing a select takes lot of time.

Please let me know if any configuration is there to improve the performance of the table.

Hi Sudhendu,

What’s the approximate number of records you have? And what kind of database are you using?

If you have seriously large numbers of records (hundreds of millions, billions) it is more or less expected that performance of regular databases breaks down. If you are experiencing problems at much lower volumes, it is more likely some database configuration issue (like too small memory buffers).

In case you’re dealing with a really large event store, there are the following options:

  • Scale your database to the task. For instance, we’ve seen some users migrate from MySQL to Percona. Use a form of partitioning. And of course use adequate hardware.
  • You may also consider the (commercial) AxonIQ EventStore. It’s essentially a database system optimized for the task of being an event store, and much faster than any relational technology for this particular task.

Feel free to contact me if you want to explore any of this further.

Kind regards,