DomainEventEntry is not mapped

Hi All,
I am new to Axon framework.I am getting exception while running without the Axon Server .

DomainEventEntry is not mapped [SELECT new org.axonframework.eventhandling.GenericDomainEventEntry(e.type, e.aggregateIdentifier, e.sequenceNumber, e.eventIdentifier, e.timeStamp, e.payloadType, e.payloadRevision, e.payload, e.metaData) FROM DomainEventEntry e WHERE e.aggregateIdentifier = :id AND e.sequenceNumber >= :seq ORDER BY e.sequenceNumber ASC]] with root cause

If anyone face this and how will i solve it.I want to use Axon without server and achieve the below
1)EventStore to store events
2)Saga Store to store saga
3)Replay the events

Hi Samrat,

You need to configure event store engine (Jpa or Jdbc based). Refer to this link

I have an example here at

which is slightly modified version of the

This repo has a postgres based JpaEventStorageEngine and uses Kafka to replay events without using Axon server.


Hi all,

I’d like to add a single point here, referring to Dharani’s last sentence:

This repo has a postgres based JpaEventStorageEngine and uses Kafka to replay events without using Axon server.

Note that the replay functionality does not require Kafka.
You only need a dedicated Event Store like the JPA, JDBC or Axon Server, to be able to replay.
More specifically, Axon requires a StreamableMessageSource implementation for the Tracking Event Processor, and it’s the Tracking Event Processor which gives you the replay API.

Kafka in this area is purely a mechanism to distributed events between applications, just what the AMQP extension and Axon Server could do, or even simpler by sharing the datasource of your Event Store.

That’s my 2 cents on the situation.


Hi Steven,
Can you provide me complete picture and details (git repo ) to demonstrate the Event Sourcing
If you have gone through my post i need it without Axon Server with my own eventstore , token,saga store and the saga communication through kafka.

Hi Samrat,

the Axon Quick Start repository has some code that gets you started fairly easily.

If you use the Axon Spring Boot Starter module, you can exclude the AxonServer dependency from it. It will then resort to the next best implementation of the event store, which is a JPA (or JDBC if no JPA is found) based event store.
TokenStore and Saga store are provided as JPA / JDBC implementations anway.

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