Dear Axon Team,

my team and myself have a question regarding the domain_event_entry_seq.

What is it used for?
Why is it set to 50?

Thanks for the answer.

Hi Gheorghe,

It not really framework, but generated by hibernate for the domain sequence, it is 50 by default.

Hi Gerard,
thank you for the quick answer.
So we can set it the incrementBy = 1, because for us it seems weird that it is set to 50.

And also would it be a problem if the sequence is not ongoing because we have the problem that in a cluster we can only set to incrementBy = 0 which would mean it is shared with other instances and it can be like: 1, 3, 5, 10. Or we have to switch from mariaDB to postgresql.

Thank you
Your help is much appreciated.

If you set it to 1, it’s likely a little more load on the database. It’s not my expertise, and the default of 50 is likely a good tradeoff.

Actually, setting it to 1 is the best thing to do. Unfortunately, Hibernate chooses 50 as a default for performance reasons, but that generates a lot of gaps in the sequences, which Axon doesn’t know are permanent gaps or not. So it will have to keep track of them. Yes, there will be a little performance impact setting it to 1, but it will be much less than the impact of having to track all the gaps.

Best is of course to use a proper event store solution. Relational databases just aren’t great at it. That’s why we built Axon Server.

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