Dockerfile for AxonServer


i found this old thread: Dockfile for Axonserver

All of the GitHub URLs just lead to 404s. Can you provide any updated URLs?

Especially I’d like to read about all the newly added environment variables.


the Maven Jib plugin does not use a Dockerfile, so that repository has been “cleaned up”. Basically there are no “new” environment variables. If you want to use environment variables rather than a properties file, you’ll have to use the complete property name in uppercase, with all dots and dashes replaced by an underscore. If the property name uses camel-case, then you should also insert an underscore before the uppercase letter. This is described in the reference docs, at The section you’ll want to read is the one on system properties.

Bert Laverman


Ah I see, they’re automatically parsed. Good to know, thanks for the link.