Do replays absolutely require a replayingcluster?

I have a relatively simple app, with only 1 or 2 events that do ‘unreplayable’ things. Is there a way to have them simply not participate, or do I need to do the cluster segregation that’s described in the docs.

Hi Erich,

did you mean “1 or 2 event handlers that do ‘unreplayable’ things”?
You can easily replay anything you like by using the EventStore.visitEvents method. However, the replaying cluster does additional stuff, by ensuring events generated by the application during a replay are handled correctly (and in-order) and transactionally.

One tip: don’t replay events to the event bus. Typically, you’d want to replay one of two handlers only. So in your replay mechanism, invoke the handlers directly.



Yes sorry lol. Yes, I only have couple ‘handlers’ that can’t be replayed. So it’s possible, but sounds like probably ‘advisable’ to use the cluster?

Yes, that’s one of the reasons cluster exist. You can put non-replayable handlers in a cluster that’s not replayable, while the others are in a cluster that can.