Do AxonFramework events conform to CloudEvents specification?


I was wondering, if Axon events conform to CloudEvents specification and if that is not the case: How can adjust the events?


CloudEvent example in JSON format:

    "specversion" : "1.0",
    "type" : "com.github.pull.create",
    "source" : "",
    "subject" : "123",
    "id" : "A234-1234-1234",
    "time" : "2018-04-05T17:31:00Z",
    "comexampleextension1" : "value",
    "comexampleothervalue" : 5,
    "datacontenttype" : "text/xml",
    "data" : "<much wow=\"xml\"/>"


Hi Resah, they do not, but you can use Axon with your own serializers. There are some instructions in the Axon Reference Guide.

@resah the new 4.6.0 Kafka extension does support the cloud event spec, to be able to produce/consume events from Kafka using the spec.