Do anybody use elasticsearch act as event store, how to configure it?

As descripted in the title, i can not find instruction in the website address “”, but i find “org.springframework.boot.actuate.autoconfigure.elasticsearch.ElasticSearchClientHealthIndicatorAutoConfiguration” in the module “spring-boot-actuator-autoconfigure-2.1.16.RELEASE.jar”, so i am confused. can anybody help me?

Hi there!
The reference to ElasticSearch is about using it for monitoring applications, not as an event store. Often this is implemented using a so-called "ELK-stack, for Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. If you need a good component to use as an event store, I suggest you look at Axon Server instead.

Bert Laverman

@Bert_Laverman yeah. thank you! Axon Server is a good choice, but the single point failure of standard edition is difficult to solve. so we decide to use Spring Cloud and a database instead
. one choice is mysql, we used it successfully, but when we stored more and more events in the Mysql, loading events must be slower(when do not want to deleted or back up event in another mysql instance), so we hope that ElasticSearch extended component can be used as an event store in the future.


Actually, that is why we developed Axon Server Enterprise Edition, which adds clustering and will solve the Single-Point-of-Failure problem. Adding a database instead will not solve it, as then the database becomes the SPoF. ElasticSearch is not going to be a solution, as it is a search component, not a data store.

Bert Laverman