DLQ stuck on some message

Hello colleagues!

Recently I added DLQ to the service which is managed by Axon Framework. All was good, but after moving faulty events to DLQ. I see a loop in the logs and here I’m stuck what is the root cause and ways to fix them, see stacktrace below.
The most bad thing in this case is that commands and events are not processed by service, I think they are waiting until this task is done.

2024-02-18 07:44:09.506  INFO 1 --- [source-group]-0] o.a.e.TrackingEventProcessor             : Fetched token: IndexTrackingToken{globalIndex=563496} for segment: Segment[0/0]
2024-02-18 07:44:09.808  INFO 1 --- [source-group]-0] .a.e.m.e.d.MongoSequencedDeadLetterQueue : Adding dead letter [[FAILED toString()]] because [Cause{type=[org.axonframework.serialization.SerializationException]-message=[Error while deserializing payload of message e4034f20-2ff9-48be-87b7-8c6b550d7b97]}].
2024-02-18 07:44:09.844  WARN 1 --- [source-group]-0] o.a.e.TrackingEventProcessor             : Releasing claim on token and preparing for retry in 60s
2024-02-18 07:44:09.895  INFO 1 --- [source-group]-0] o.a.e.TrackingEventProcessor             : Released claim
2024-02-18 07:44:12.367 DEBUG 1 --- [   scheduling-1] c.a.a.axon.dlq.DeadLetterProcessor       : Processing DQLs

From the exception, it seems like there is a problem with the configured serializer. Do you use the same serializer for the dlq as for the event store?