Distribute events with Apache Kafka


I’m exploring AxonFramaework in an application without using Spring (I’m using Micronaut) and it works well!

In a microservice I want to use Kafka in order to distribute events to another microservice.
I succeed to publish events in a topic with a Kafka producer, and now I’m trying to consume these events using a Kafka consumer in a second microservice; for that I’m using an AsyncFetccher (org.axonframework.kafka.eventhandling.consumer.AsyncFetcher), and I would like to publish these events to the event bus.

I thing I’m missing something.
Perhaps, I need to use a KafkaMessageSource with the fetcher? How can I do this?



Hi Bertrand,

in Axon, event Processors get their messages from a MessageSource (subscribing or streaming, depending on the processor type).
You can group your event handlers into a processing group and the configure a processor to read from a specific source. Check out the reference guide (docs.axonframework.org) on Event Processing for more details.

Hope this helps.