Delete AxonIq Account

How do I delete my account (the one with which I am making this post)? I didn’t find anything on account settings.

Interestingly enough, it turns out the platform is very restrictive about that. From this discourse topic:

If you have only one or two posts and your account is new, you can self delete.

Checking the configuration, I see our instance is configured to one post. You had two posts before this one, which is probably why you can’t delete your account.

There are three ways to deal with the situation:

  1. (preferred) you stay with us and see how deep the rabbit hole goes :wink:
  2. (preferred if 1 is not an option) I can anonymize your account. This way, your personal data (name, email, …) will be permanently removed, you will not be able to log in anymore, but your posts will stay.
  3. I can completely delete your account. I would hate to do that, as it will also remove your posts from discussions you’ve been part of, potentially leaving other responses there out of context. But if that is your wish, I’d respect it.

Let me know how you’d like to proceed.

I would also appreciate it if you can tell me (perhaps via DM) why you want to delete your account. I promise I will not try to make you change your mind or play any social tricks. I’ll only try to understand your motivation so we at AxonIQ can learn and improve the service we provide to our community.


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Hi Milen, anomyzing the account is fine. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks for being with us this far! I’m anonymizing your account now.