DeadlineManager questions

Hi Everyone,

I’m reading up on the DeadlineManager and have a couple of additional questions.

With the AggregateTestFixture I managed to test the registration of deadline however I wasn’t able to test to invocation of the deadline handler with the .expectDeadlinesMet() assertion. Is that what it is meant for or not? (see below)

The Deadline documentation mentions the Scope in which a deadline is registered. If the Scope is that of an aggregate, that aggregate instance is loaded through a Repository before calling the deadline handler. I’m wondering though how this works in an Axon application with a distributed command bus?
Does Axon guarantee the deadline handler is processed on the same node as any command handler? How is concurrency dealt with in the DeadlineManger?

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The aggregate and unit test


Hi All,

Figured out how to write the unit test. I should have used the givenCommands(…):


public void testExpiryOfRegistrationRequest() {
    final UUID uuid = UUID.randomUUID();
    aggregate.givenCommands(new RequestRegistrationCommand(uuid, ""))
            .expectDeadlinesMet(new RegistrationExpired());