DeadlineHandler not invoked

Hi all,
we are using axon 4.5.9 with spring boot 2.3.0.M3
our application has 2 modules:

the domain modules contains all the aggregates, command handlers, commands, events and entities.
The aggregates are event sourced so they have @AggregateRoot annotation and the @EventHandler annotated methods

the web modules contains the spring boot application and all the configurations.

We started using the Deadline on one aggregate and in the tests everything work well.

The problem comes when we launch the app: the method annotated with @DeadlineHandler is never invoked.

Debugging the SimpleDeadlineManager I found out that the ConfigurationScopeAwareProvider is not able to retrieve any aggregate repository at all from the configuration.

and so it cannot create an instance of the aggregate and so cannot invoke the deadline handler.

We are levereging the spring boot auto configuration, so I don’t know how to move from here, can anyone give us an hint?

In order to make it work I added an explicit AggregateConfiguration for that aggregate so that the ConfigurationScopeAwareProvider is able to see it

    fun orderAggregateConfiguration(): AggregateConfiguration<Order> {
        return AggregateConfigurer.defaultConfiguration(