Deadline doesn't work


I would like to know if the Deadline concept is guaranteed with Axon.
I have implemented a deadline with Axon and Quartz to send a command after a certain amount of time.
Although my testFixture always pass without errors, my deadline works in a random way: sometime it’s scheduled and launched on time and sometime @DeadlineHandler method is not invoked.
Is anyone has the same issue?

Here is the configuration of the deadlineManager and spring quartz:

public DeadlineManager deadlineManager(Scheduler scheduler, AxonConfiguration configuration, SpringTransactionManager transactionManager, Serializer serializer){
    return QuartzDeadlineManager.builder()
            .scopeAwareProvider(new ConfigurationScopeAwareProvider(configuration)


My problem is that I have multiple instances for my project.
When an instance creates a deadline, it’s not always the one that will be notified.

Can anyone give me a quick example of what quartz properties should look like to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Karaki,

I would be hard pressed to give you guidance on specific Quartz configuration option to be honest.
Maybe it’s worthwhile to post a question like this on Stack Overflow? Or a specific Quartz Users Forum?

A part from that, I would assume that even though another instance is dealing with the scheduled deadline, that it would still load the Aggregate from it’s repository.
Thus you might not see the deadline being handled on instance 1, but it should be handled on instance 2, correct?
Or, do you have several instances which do not have the same aggregates running?


Hi Steven,

Thank you for the reply.

Yeah, I have the same aggregates running in all instances, so it is not an error but I had an issue with manual tests in a local instance.

I resolved that by adding a specific configuration to the local instances.