Data storage pattern in tokenentry table for tracking event processor

What is the pattern for data storage in tokenentey table? Is it one entry per processing group or is it something else? I ran a use use where i fired two events from my aggregate and both the event handlers for the two events are in the same processing group for this ise case i got two entry in domainevent entry table which is expected but no entry in tokenentry table why is this?

Hi Ashwini,

Axon Framework will store a token per processing group, per segment defined for the processing group.
Thus a default configured TrackingEventProcessor called “foo” will generate a single entry in the token_entry table with processor name “foo” attached to it.
Changing the number of segments used by TrackingEventProcessor “foo” will however change the number of entries too.
This occurs as you are essentially segmenting the stream and thus the work, hence requiring a new entry to remain the knowledge of how much work has been processed.

Why you aren’t seeing an entry in the token_entry table is not entirely clear to me though.
Might you have specified your application to use SubscribingEventProcessor by any chance?


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