Daily digest of contributions

Hey there,

great new platform you’ve created here for the axon community :+1:!

One feature I’m missing and I really liked in the google group is the daily digest of conversations to stay informed. It was simply a single Mail sent on on a daily basis with all new contributions.

Is there a way to get this here as well?

Thanks and Best Regards,


Hi Jakob,

thanks for reaching out and the kind words.

There is an option to have daily/weekly/monthly/… digest. You can configure how you want the digest to be delivered in Preferenes -> Emails -> Activity Summary. The caveat is that digests are only sent if you haven’t visited the forum in the given period. Note that the checkbox enabling the feature starts with “When I don’t visit here …”. The idea behind the behaviour is to allow you catch up if you’ve been away, but not flood your mailbox if you are actively using it. At the moment there is no option to receive digests even when you’ve been on the forum.


Thanks Milen, I’ll test that but this should be fine.