Custom serializer for Quartz

Hi Axon users

Currently we had a problem where we had scheduled events using the Quartz event scheduler during an upgrade.
We did an upgrade from Axon 3.2 -> 3.3.5, but our scheduled events could not be deserialized anymore because of a UUID change of the EventMessage class.

In order to change the problem we hoped to be able to modify the JobData in the Quartz table, but these data is serialized using the default Java serialization.
Would it be possible to configure another serialization here, e.g. an XStream serializer? This would make everything more visible to us.

This would be very helpful.

Kind regards,

Gert Berckvens

Hi Gert!

There is an issue for that and currently it's open:

Sincerely yours,


Hi Gert, Aleksey,

That issue somehow flew over my radar, but wasn’t entirely lost to us.

We did fix it, but under issue 749. The PR providing the fix can be found here.

It is part of 3.4, which we’ll be releasing soon.

Thanks for you patience, and feel free to comment under the shared issues if this doesn’t solve your problem Gert!

And Aleksey, thanks for sharing that issue!