CreationPolicy with Disruptor Command bus

Hi Team,

Trying to implement @CreationPolicy in one of our spring boot services in which we are using DisruptorCommandBus as CommandBus implementation.

We noticed that DisruptorRepository has not implemented the default loadOrCreate method, due to which we are facing “loadOrCreate not implemented on this repository” .
Any reason behind not implementing this method in DisruptorRepository.


Hi @kotirao227,

If there is any reason, that’s because we missed this implementation when the Creation Policy was introduced. It will warrant a little investigation if it can be implemented sufficiently with the Disruptor paradigm in place. So I can’t ascertain you a full implementation will follow quickly.

I did create an issue to take a look at this though, which you can find here. Sorry for the inconvenience on your end @kotirao227, we’ll have a look at this in a timely fashion.