Creating service level event stores while still using Axon Server as a message broker

Is it possible to have separate event stores for services that use axon server for routing?

you actually can do this by registering e.g. an InMemoryEventStorageEngine and optionally a SimpleEventBus in that client app, while still using the AxonServer connector that is configured by default. That will override only those components.

Bert Laverman

The first thing that I tried was to set up a JdbcEventStorageEngine hoping that I could store that service’s events into that service’s postgres instance. Unfortunately it didn’t work for the events… only for my other service details like a state stored aggregate.

So should I be able to make JdbcEventStorageEngine work with that setup, given you’re mentioning the InMemoryEventStorageEngine?

I think it’s important to note that for Axon Server to be able to route Events, it should also be the storage solution of those events. So if you would use the JdbcEventStorageEngine/InMemoryEventStorageEngine instead, no events would be sent to Axon Server and thus not distributed.

So, it depends a little from what you want to resolve here @Philip.
Do you purely want to use Axon Server as a Messaging Platform? Or do you want to have your events stored both in Axon Server and in a local RDBMS solution? What kind of breakdown are you looking for in your application (environment) here?