Consuming Events from Kafka

Hi … I have been reading through THIS PAGE, and still have a difficult time understanding the differences between the Subscribable and Streamable message sources. Can someone help me explain this with a simple example? Thank you

Hi @mnajar,

I believe you can better read about them in a different section!

In a nut shell, those are 2 types of Event Processors supported by Axon Framework.

Subscribing one will subscribe to a source of messages and start getting new messages from that point on - you can compare it to an AMQP Queue for example, where you subscribe to it and get any new message from that but you can’t go back and see what was already shared there.

On the other hand, Streaming has the full control over the whole stream of messages! You can then start handling events from the head (latest event) or from the tail (oldest event). You can do things like replay based on time, position, etc. A lot more opportunities and power I would say.

Hope it helps you in this journey! =)