[Configuration] Documentation mentions @EnableAxon but @EnableAxon does not exist


Trying to configure my spring context to make use of Axon. Not using spring boot, and would not want to make use of the configuration API, yet…Basically, will want Axon to use the Spring Application Context to locate specific implementations of building blocks and provide default for those that are not there.

According to the documentation here https://docs.axonframework.org/v/3.0/part1/configuration-api.html, @EnableAxon was supposed to help achieve this, but it seems the last release where @EnableAxon is included was 3.0M-4.

If @EnableAxon is gone, how can this flavour of configuration be achieved?

Did you include the axon-spring module? @EnableAxon is there: org.axonframework.spring.config.EnableAxon



No, i didn’t, I was about to come and mention that was the missing part! :slight_smile: