Config Suggestions?

So, I’m trying to get my console setup and I’ve asked some questions thru the other support portal, but wanted to put it here for more eyes and get some more opinions. we have a few different environments: local, qa, demo, stage, and production. To start, there are 2 applications: the monolith, and a notification service. We have another application that will probably get added to the mix later. For workspaces, support suggested 2: Non-Production and Production. For our dev process, from time to time, we restore a backup of the qa database in our local environment. So, what about the event store? Seems like we might want a clone of that as well if we need to troubleshoot, etc… The other thing I want to figure out are the contexts/applications. Do I create a context for each app? Do I create an Application for each app and link it to multiple contexts? When I create the Application, the config includes both contexts, but one is commented out. I’m not quite sure what the purpose of the Application is. I’ve been trying to sell axon to my employer for awhile now and the infrastructure guy sort of insisted that we use a cloud instance for HA purposes as doing so on our premises is prohibitively expensive from what I’ve been told. TIA