commandGateway.send() from handle() of @SagaEventHandler in @Saga class in not sending the command

I am using Axon framework 4.8.0.

private transient CommandGateway commandGateway;

@SagaEventHandler(associationProperty = "orderId")
public void handle(OrderCreatedEvent orderCreatedEvent){
    ReserveProductCommand reserveProductCommand = ReserveProductCommand.builder()
            .build();"OrderCreatedEvent handled for orderId : "+reserveProductCommand.getOrderId()+
            " and ProductId : "+reserveProductCommand.getProductId());


From the above code snippet, when commandGateway.send(reserveProductCommand) is called, ReserveProductCommand is not being invoked. Need assistance to understand the situation and reasons to proceed with other Saga Event Handlers.

Hi Kumar,

Could you switch to sendAndWait and log the return value or use the send with a callback to get more information? It could be many things. I assume you have an aggregate somewhere for handling the ReserveProductCommand.

Can you also maybe expand on why you want to use a Saga? It might not be needed as there might be better scalable solutions to achieve the same thing.