Command scheduler?


We have the need to schedule a command to a later time after a failure because an external system is e.g. not available.

Is there something like the EventScheduler, Deadline handler also for commands available?

Like a CommandScheduler? We have a commandGateway already that does a retry if sending a command fails, but this use case is not that the command cannot be sent but the command should be sent later again.

When sending something to the external system we actually have an event there which tells us if the call was successful or not. And depending on this event we want to retry later or not.

Best, Michael

Hello Michael,

we don’t have a command scheduler. However, there is nothing that would stop you from just scheduling a task that sends a command, if that is required.
If you want to stick to Axon components, you could consider using a Saga for this process. Within the Saga, you can use a Deadline Manager to trigger interaction at a specific time.
If it’s only scheduling for an external interaction, though, I would recommend to keep it simple and just use a scheduler straight away.