Command result with published events


we need a solution for a runtime problem. Maybe somebody has an good idea.

We have an AppGateway, which issues command to our aggregates and listens to its events to persist the data in views. The aggregate and the GW are running in separated VMs and we use the Tracking Event Processor.
After the Mobile App issues a command using the AppGW, it reloads the view data from the GW. This is (even over carrier) much faster then the event processing. But we need the result immediately.

So one Idea is, when the command is completed successfully, we could issue the expected events in the AppGW immediately - that means the events will be processed twice, but thats Ok.

How can we get the list of expected events with the command result? Is there a way to do that - maybe put it inside of the CommandCallback, Metadata or whatever?

Appreciate any help,