Command never reaches @CommandHandler. Error in debug log only.

Hi Team!

I had a command work quite nicely for one record but not for another. The command never arrived for the latter. It wasn’t until I turned logging to DEBUG that I could see there was an xstream marshaling error and there was an issue with one of my custom serializers.

Request to make that error make it into the ERROR logging level instead.


Hi Bjorn,

Could you make a github issue for this?


Hey Bjorn,

just wondering, did you use the CommandGateway to send the command? If you use the CommandGateway.send(cmd) method, it returns a CompletableFuture. That completable future contains the result of the command. My guess it that the error was logged on debug, because it was also “returned” to the invoker of the method as an exception.

Or is my guess completely off? :wink: