Choosing a good writing event store database

Hello Guys, I hope you’re doing well, I need to implement writing event store database by using axon framework and axon server but I have a challenge of choosing a good event store database between RDBMS based on JPA and mongoDB. Any one can help to use a suitable event store database I can use

if you use Axon Server, you already have an event store database.
AxonServer would be the event store responsible for durably storing your events (amongst many other things it does).

Using AxonFramework, you can use AxonServer as your event store and only require one additional storage mechanism: a way to store tokens of your application (a way of “remembering” at what position in the event stream your application is). For this, it is recommended to use whatever technology you plan to use for your projections, be it mongoDB or any other database supported by JDBC.