Change to Versioning documentation


I’m not sure where I can raise issues/requests for the Axon documentation, so posting it here.

I’ve being going through Versioning & Upcasting and following the samples provided in the doc -

I noticed that configuring the JpaEventStorageEngine messed up the rest of my Spring auto configuration and searched for answers. I came across

and realized I did not need to configure this anymore and that Upcasters will be picked up automatically as beans. It’d be great if the documentation could be updated to reflect this behavior and the implications of configuring the

JpaEventStorageEngine could be called out. I noticed that the latest snapshot of the docs also do not talk about this auto configure behavior.


Hi Mary,

This is definitely a missing piece of Reference Guide documentation.
When it comes to “issues” like this, you are completely free to file an issue on the Reference Guide’s Github Repository.

To mark this required work, I’ve just created issue #97.

Thanks for filing your concern Mary, I’ll see to it that this will be resolved!


Steven van Beelen

Axon Framework Lead Developer



That’s great! Thank you for the quick response and for sharing the doc repo Steven.


I’ve subscribed to the ticket