Change gRPC port of Axon server

Hi, this is probably a dumb question, but I’m stuck with my first Axon project.
I know how to configure the Axon server to specify the ports for http or gRPC.
But how do I tell my spring boot application to use a url different from localhost:8124?

I’m not using auto configuration, so please help me out here, this cannot be difficult.

Greets, Erik

Additionally I might add that axon.axonserver.servers doesn’t do it, neither in nor as -D property.

It seems that @ConfigurationProperties on the AxonServerConfiguration class is not working, although I defined axon.axonserver.servers in my

Finally I use a work-around: The Configuration object contains the instance of AxonServerConfiguration that is used. I set the list of axon servers manually in the bean method that creates the configurer.

Is this a sensible way to get along with this situation?

Hello Erik,

how do you configure your connection? If you let Spring Boot (auto)configure everything, you can use the axon.axonserver.servers property to define URL for the initial connection to AxonServer.
If you create your own Configuration object, then you won’t be able to benefit from the @ConfigurationProperties annotation, and you will need to set the servers property “manually”.

Hope this helps.