does anyone have a working example of how to configure Spring to use Cassandra in Axon? Does anyone also have comparison of performance results in using Cassandra vs MongoDB in Axon? Does it make any difference? For testing purposes I’ve tried to use Fongo together with MongoDB for unit testing, and it works ok, but from what I’ve read it seems that Cassandra has better native support for running in-memory (and that is the reason I would try to use Cassandra instead of MongoDB).

Any input?

Best regards

Hi Viggo,

I had a look at Cassandra as an Event Store a long time ago. At that time, I had difficulties finding the right configration/setup to ensure a reliable storage. If I recall correctly, it had to do mostly with detecting concurrent updates. Since then, Cassandra has moved along, but I haven’t found time to investigate it yet.
Because of those issues, I never really looked into performance.



Thanks for feedback Allard:)

I haven’t met any performance issues with MongoDB yet either, so I’ll stick to it until I really need to change:)