Can't find Axon Framework Metrics

Hello everyone!

I have a question about Axon Framework Metrics.

I configured simple application, and there is no axon application metrics in prometheus.
I found some axon-server metrics, but axon application metrics.

How I check it ?
Run the application,
go to http://localhost:8024/actuator/prometheus - there are many axon-specific metrics which are later could be used with grafana axon-server dashboard.

but if go to http://localhost:8080/actuator/prometheus - there are not any axon specific metrics
and because of that grafana axon framework dashboard doen’t have any data at all.

Am I doing anything wrong?

Please, check the repo:

I don’t see anything wrong on the Axon Framework side directly, @VladimirTitov4.
The requirement for AF to auto-configure the message monitors (that add metrics) is adding either axon-micrometer or axon-metrics for Micrometer or DropWizard-Metrics, respectively.

Your sample shows you’ve added the axon-micrometer dependency in a Spring Boot application, so that should be all there’s to it…
Bit of a stretch to ask, but you can add breakpoints in Axon Framework to spot of the auto-configuration is doing its thing.
You should be able to see that the org.axonframework.micrometer.GlobalMetricRegistry#registerComponent method, on line 121, should be invoked.

In there, you should spot the infrastructure components, like the CommandBus and EventStore, to receive a so-called MessageMonitor.
If this operation is not invoked, then we have our culprit.