Cannot deserialize MetaData objects after updating to 4.4.2


We just updated to framework 4.4.2 and now we see our upcasters failing with this message:

org.axonframework.commandhandling.CommandExecutionException(Cannot build a converter to convert from java.util.Map to

When debugging I can see that the line that throws the exception is: .m2/repository/org/axonframework/axon-messaging/4.4.2/axon-messaging-4.4.2.jar!/org/axonframework/serialization/ChainedConverter.class:26
It tries to deserialize a Map that contains:

uber-trace-id -> 57c0e39031d226ff:d91bd695d4216412:57c0e39031d226ff:1

This didn’t happen with the framework version we used before (4.2.1).

Any ideas how to fix this?


Observation: This occurs with all of the 4.4.x versions, and with none of the 4.3.x versions (those produce other issues with our backed up data, but not this one :wink: ).

Can you share your upcaster code. I did try to reproduce this locally and for me it works without any problems.

The upcasters are pretty simple (and multiple of them fail). One for example is like this:

document.apply {

for adding a isTerminated boolean field.