Can the Axon Server Event store be backed up/replicated and restored/reconstructed?

Is there a way to create a replica of the Axon Server Event store (at a point in time) then start afresh installation and restore/reconstruct the Axon Server Event store?

Request your help/alternative suggestions on how the Axon Event Store can be back-up/replicated, in a way that at a point in time, it can be reconstructed/restored to recover from a failure?

In summary, am looking for a HA configuration for Axon Server beyond a single data centre, ideally without any data loss, or with some acceptable data loss.

Yes, there are several ways you can do this. The backup REST endpoint will provide you with lists of filenames that you can then copy for backup purposes, but there are alternative approaches to making copies that I described in my Blog on Event Store migration.

For HA solutions where you want no downtime, you should look at Axon Server Enterprise Edition, which uses the RAFT consensus algorithm to ensure storage across several nodes in a cluster. This way, when a node becomes inaccessible, the client apps can use the other nodes in the cluster instead. When the node has recovered connectivity, it will receive any data stored while it was out of touch, from the current leader.

Bert Laverman

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