Can I use state-stored aggregate with an embedded JPA event store in production?

I am considering migrating my application to Axon Framework. Right now it is a simple MVC app, I think if I make use of the existing SQL database, it should be the smoothest transition. Is that approach not recommended for production? I think the text-book usage is actual Event Sourcing with Axon Server, but will it perform OK with only SQL and Axon Framework?

Hi Sam,

From the framework’s perspective, you can pick and choose which ever approach suites best for your application.

If that’s doing Event Sourcing?

Then you take that route.

Do you only want to deal with the messaging idea of Axon with Commands, Event and Queries?

Then you only take the axon-messaging module.

And, if that’s using a state-stored Aggregate?
Then that’s of course completely fine as well.

Hope this sheds some light on the situation for you Sam.


Thanks, Steven!
That sounds very exciting :slight_smile: