bug in Given-when-then test fixture detects state changes outside of Aggregate’s Event Handler methods

ComparationEntry add to comparedEntries twice, so the second time
comparedEntries.add(new ComparationEntry(workingValue,
eventSourcedValue) will aways return false! Then it will never do
fields value compare.

private void
eventSourcedAggregate) {
        HashSet<ComparationEntry> comparedEntries = new
        comparedEntries.add(new ComparationEntry(workingAggregate,

private void ensureValuesEqual(Object workingValue, Object
eventSourcedValue, String propertyPath,
comparedEntries) {
        if (explicitlyUnequal(workingValue, eventSourcedValue)) {
        } else if (comparedEntries.add(new
ComparationEntry(workingValue, eventSourcedValue))
                && workingValue != null && !
hasEqualsMethod(workingValue.getClass())) {