Blog - Running Axon Server in a Virtual Machine

Hi Axonframework,

I am one of the frequent bloggers at AxonIQ, and also publish content on InfoQ.

I was wondering if you are missing any topics we could address on our site in future blog-posts?

If so, please tell me, so I can work on them, or share them with other developers and trainers at AxonIQ.

You may have heard about (or even tried) AxonServer already and one of the questions I received some time ago was: How do you run AxonServer in a Virtual Machine?

I address this subject in my latest blog-post and it touches on several related topics, such as keeping Security-Enhanced Linux happy and using Systemd to start AxonServer as a service.

Please take a look and let me know what you think about it.

As a valuable member of the Axon community, we would love to see you build great solutions with AxonFramework and AxonServer.

If you face any questions or challenges, or if you are just looking for examples and solutions, have a look at our blogs.

See the blog overview page for or a large collection of blog-posts from Allard, Steven, Milan, Yvonne and several other authors, including myself of course.


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