AxonServerEventStore - Removing non-aggregate events

Hi all,
We are currently using axon framework 4.2.2 and Axon Server 4.2.2.
In addition to event-sourcing, the application is utilising non-aggregate events for inter-microservice communication. The non-aggregate events are basically disposable after a couple of hours.
I would like to reclaim some storage space on the AxonServer by snapshotting the aggregate events but by also removing the non-aggregate events.
Is it possible to remove the non-aggregate events from the AxonServer Event Store?


Hi @shep,

At this moment, it is not possible to remove Events from Axon Server.
In fact, you should not remove as those are your source of truth and they can be very useful for the future when you want to analyze your data, create new projections or just replay whatever you did in the past - there are plenty of useful actions for that other than delete!

Also, maybe more important than that, a snapshot does not make your Events useless… specially when you decide to change the structure of your Aggregate, your snapshot can easily become stale and you will need all your events once again!

In the future Axon Server might allow you to change some events but that’s not the case yet.


Thanks Lucas,
That clears things up. I was under the impression that snapshotting truncated the events store.


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