AxonServerEventStore + FilteringEventStorageEngine ?

Is it possible to use FilteringEventStorageEngine with AxonServerEventStore? Long story short, I have some events that don’t really need to be persisted to the server.


Hi Brian,

I’ve taken a short dive into the AxonServerEventStore code and noticed we have made the AxonIQEventStorageEngine which is used to connect to Axon Server for event storage and retrieval, private.
So, sadly, you wouldn’t be able to wrap the AxonIQEventStorageEngine into a FitleringEventStorageEngine I think.
This does sound like a issue for the tracker though.

Would you mind adding an issue so that the team can discuss this idea?


Hello Steven,
Yeah, that was the conclusion I came to. It’s not a pressing issue right now, but it seems like something one should hypothetically be able to do. Basically, my latest task was to get our monolith connected to Axon Server because I am in the process of extracting a microservice and this seems like something I might need to do, but it’s possibly a phantom issue. In any case, I did go ahead and create an issue and suggested something seemingly simple