AxonServer Docker Hub versioning questions

We are using Axon Server SE version 4.6.x from docker hub and we would like to migrate to 2023.1.x. On the axonIQ website I saw that both version 2023.0.x and 2023.1.x finally released. But on docker hub all 2023.x.x versions containing ‘dev’. Are the final version of 2023 actually not available on docker hub or do ‘dev’ mean there are final? In my option it does mean its a developer previous version.

Axonserver is not release separate for se and ee. The axonserver docker hub image includes both versions and runs se or ee based on a provides licence? Or do I need build my own se from the open source project?

Starting from 2023.x.x, we combined the two releases in one jar file. Starting Axonserver Enterprise with no license provided will give you the standard edition feature. With this, we open the possibility of getting a trial license to easily test axonserver-enterprise edition features.

For this reason, you will find 2023.x.x under axoniq/enterprise-edition dockerhub.

The -dev tag highlights the presence of a bash shell for inspection and/or debugging. They are not formally supported, production-hardened images. Hence we added -dev tag.

Said that running axonserver-enterprise image with no license will run standard edition features. If you want to have and run the open-source code only, for any reason, the option is to get the latest image of 4.6.x or start a build from the repo. I suspect this is temporary because the team is still refining the details.