AxonServer Bug

I think I found a minor bug in AxonServer 4.1.2. Basically, I sent multiple create commands with the same aggregate id. The first one works, then the subsequent commands complain about an invalid sequence number. Under “Settings” in the UI, it shows Events and Commands as 3. However, Search yields only 1 event (which is expected). Like I say, it seems minor, but having an accurate event count is certainly desirable.

Hi Brian,

you’ve hit a feature that has been causing a lot of misinterpretation. In the 4.2 release of AxonServer, we’ve changed the way we report messages, to make it easier to understand what the data really means.

Currently “events” reports the number of events that the system has ingested since measurement began. Since some events can be ingested, but then rejected, the counter doesn’t always reflect the number of events actually stored.

As of 4.2, we’ll show the number of stored events, instead, as well as ingestion rates.