Axoniq EventStore: Network closed for unknown reason (in PCFDev)

I’m working on a proof of concept using Axoniq’s beta EventStore. My application code is running inside PCFDev and is attempting to communicate to the Axoniq EventStore running locally on my machine. I’m getting the following error:

i.a.eventstore.client.util.Broadcaster : Error from: - io.axoniq.eventstore.client.util.EventStoreClientException: UNAVAILABLE: Network closed for unknown reason
o.a.c.gateway.DefaultCommandGateway : Command ‘com.ats.ptrac.command.commands.AddProjectCommand’ resulted in io.axoniq.eventstore.client.util.EventStoreClientException(No available event store server)

If I ssh into the virtual machine, within PCFDev, I’m able to curl the /v1/events endpoint (200 OK):

curl -X GET --header ‘Accept: text/event-stream’ --header ‘Access-Token: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx’ ‘

Any guesses on ‘unknown reason’? Could the problem be stemming from internal communication gRPC protocol?


Hi Justin,

The event store server has 2 different ports, one for HTTP and one for GRPC. From what I can read from your logging, it appears that you are sending the grpc request to the http port.
If you have not configured the grpc port in your parameter axoniq.eventstore.port it defaults to port 8123.
So changing the axoniq.eventstore.servers to should solve the issue.


Good catch Marc! My tired brain was blurring details together. I’ve hit another snag but I won’t pollute this thread with it.