AxonIQ Console or other Admin UI for setup without AxonServer

Hello we are running Axon with MongoDB extension, and as MessageBroker Azure Service Bus (ASB). I just try out the AxonIQ Console, there I do not see everything and I also think to impl. this in the company will anyway not trivial. So I also search for a other Admin UI. maybe somebody have the same issues here ? or a solution ?

Maybe important is we use Axon in a spring boot webflux reactive stack.

Hello @c3smonkey. We have designed AxonIQ Console so that Axon Server is not a requirement. I would love to look into why not everything is showing for you. What’s missing? How do you set up the integrations?

Something that immediately springs to my mind that you can try out:
Important is to wire the right SpanFactory to your components, as this starts the tracing capabilities that we use for the tool. So, if you configure a DistributedCommandBus or other comonents, make sure you pass the SpanFactory in that’s available in the Spring Context.

I feel we can make these instructions better in the UI and add this to our user stories for further improvement!

True … some stuff I see now… NICE :slight_smile: is this also possible to provide on my self ?
I think about use in company… is always a challenge :slight_smile: