AxonIQ Cloud pricing?

I saw AxonIQ Cloud - run quick tests without the need to set up Axon Server today and would like to know the actual pricing of the service. Anyone have a link or info?


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Hi Matthew,

Here’s the info on pricing for AxonIQ Cloud:

Single node context price in € number of messages between
per hour 0.035
per 1000 messages free 0 - 150K
0.03 150K - 1M
0.02 1M - 10M
0.015 10M - 25M
0.012 25M-
Multi zone context price in € number of messages between
per hour 0.1
per 1000 messages free 0 - 150K
0.075 150K - 1M
0.05 1M - 10M
0.04 10M - 25M
0.03 25M-
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Thanks, Sara. The verbiage (which I can’t seem to find anymore) when selecting developer, single-node or multizone seemed to indicate that the cloud offering isn’t quite ready for full production. Can you confirm?

Further, I don’t understand why there isn’t a multinode offering within a single availability zone. I guess I don’t understand what a “zone” is in this context. Can you please explain?


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Ok, I just found it again, under “context type” when creating a new context:

As you can see, my non-developer options are “single-node, no data replication. Availability not guaranteed” or “non-critical, small production workloads. Data replicated on 3 nodes.”

Can you please clarify?

Also, does AxonIQ Cloud use the conventional cloud terms for “region” meaning a general, geographical location, and “availability zone” which represents specific data centers within regions?

Also, can you deploy into my cloud environment, like other, similar offerings? Specifically, Azure, AWS or GCP?


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At around 7:20 into the video at AxonIQ Cloud - run quick tests without the need to set up Axon Server, there are different descriptions:

I think the bottom option should be “Multi-node” (not “Multi zone”). Yes?

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Hi @matthewadams12 ,

The Multi zone context has 3 nodes that are in three different zones (isolated locations within a data-center in a region).
At the moment we offer public nodes in the EU and US. A public node means that these nodes are shared among all AxonIQ Cloud users. And that’s why we state that they are non-critical, small production workloads because the performance is depending on the usage of all applications connected to those nodes.
At the moment we are developing a private cluster feature on GCP. This means you can create your own private three-node cluster in the region of your choice.
After that feature is done, we are going to expand that feature to other Cloud providers.

I hope that helps,



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Yes, it helps. Perhaps you could be clearer about that in the dialog where you present the choices. Further, if you add the private cluster choice that’s disabled with a “coming soon” message, it would be even clearer. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, Matthew. We’ll definitely discuss that further with the team to make the text/docs more clear. :slight_smile: