AxonIQ Academy - new course and 50% discount on course bundles

We are happy to announce that we just released a long-awaited AxonIQ Academy course:

Designing complex processes with Axon

This course aims to provide you with the essential knowledge required to develop software systems consisting of multiple applications that need to share a state or a business process.

I know some of you have been waiting (and asking) for it for quite some time. My apologies it took us soo long. It’s easy to blame the pandemic, but it was just part of the struggles. Dynamic company growth, products improvements, the new AxonIQ Initializr and AxonIQ Cloud projects, higher content quality standards, a couple of other exciting initiatives (which I hope to announce soon), … have all contributed their fair share to this delay.

Today the waiting is over, the course is finally here, and we hope you’ll love it!
But there is more!

Course bundles

Designing complex processes with Axon is the first of our advanced, paid courses. You can purchase this and any other advanced course (once published) for €50. We believe it is an affordable deal for most software developers and a reasonable price to pay for the knowledge those provide. That said, if you plan to purchase more courses, you may consider getting a bundle of courses. We offer you the following three bundles.

The first two bundles cost €150, which saves you €100 compared to purchasing the five courses individually. The third one is €200, which is €250 less than buying the nine separately.

Additional 50% OFF on all bundles

We understand purchasing bundles at this time is more or less buying our promise. And it’ll be fair enough to argue that our meaning of “soon” differs from yours. We know it takes something less vague to invest in things that are yet to come. So we are putting together a plan to release at minimum one course per month. And to prove to you, we are serious about it; we offer our bundles at half the price until we publish all courses. Use the EarlyAccess coupon code when purchasing a bundle to take advantage of that offer.

That’s all I have to announce today. I hope you like the news. I wish you a pleasant learning experience and successful projects!


Any idea on when the rest of the courses will be delivered?

The 9 course bundle looks appealling. Now to convince my company to pay :slight_smile:

Hey @vab2048
Thanks for your interest in Academy. I wish I could give you a date, but I’m afraid I can’t be more specific than that:

We will release Optimizing Axon-based systems in February. And we are planning to release Axon Server as a messaging platform in March.