[axonframework] Used entityManager in command dispatch interceptors

Hi Aymen,

If you are relying on the JpaAutoConfiguration to create the ContainerManagedEntityManagerProvider, it would be better to expect a bean of type EntityManagerProvider instead.
Stating this as the JpaAutoConfiguration does the following:

public EntityManagerProvider entityManagerProvider() {
return new ContainerManagedEntityManagerProvider();

So, it returns an EntityManagerProvider, not a ContainerManagedEntityManagerProvider.
Could be wrong with my assumption here, but I am relatively confident Spring will see the former here as the thing to wire instead of the latter.

If this does not resolve your problem, then you are dealing with a spring ordering issue.
Might help to also add the JpaAutoConfiguration to you @AutoConfigureAfter annotation in that case.

Hoping this helps you further Aymen!


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Hope to see you there!